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   About me (Tatsuto Suzuki)
  - When I was a child, I often folded with my mother. But there were not so many interesting things to fold. So I lost interest in Origami…… Then in 1993, I came upon the journal "Woru". This journal was breath-taking for me. Because of this journal, I began to fold Origami again. At this moment, I can't fold flower-origami and unit-origami etc. There are so many interesting themes in Origami but not enough time to fold them all.

I try to give the source of each Diagramm as precisely as possible. Should you find any invalid information, please let me know and I will modify it as soon as possible. Before you use any of these sources (for example ISBN) to recommend a book or for any other purpose, please check them yourself again. I take no responsibility for their validity.



As I'm not the author of the objects of my site, i have no permission to sell them. But if you are interested, please come to my workshop and make origami objects yourself.

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